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Need innovative solutions for sustainable development, automotive, chemicals, energy, packaging, or the agro-food industries? With over two decades of expertise, we help you find on-target technologies that align with your company's long-term goals.

Is Open Innovation for You?

It's proven that organizations committed to open innovation benefit from a 59% higher revenue growth. Because let's face it—two minds think better than one. If you're struggling to get optimum results inside your organization and need to stay competitive, Open Innovation consultancy is the right choice for you. Speak with one of our friendly advisors about your innovation strategy today.
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Trusted by bold organizations worldwide

"We have used Innoget to both post technical challenges as well as respond to Technology Calls for potential out-licensing our IP in non-competitive industries."

Austin Kozman
R&D Director

"The open innovation culture at Beiersdorf is based on the four core values of our overall company culture: simplicity, care, courage and trust. We post briefings on Innoget because it's easy to use and the low inhibition level for asking and aswering questions."

Heiner Gers-Barlag
Team Leader Product and Packaging
Beiersdorf AG

"We have found that the connecting of academic and industry partners to pair problem and solution, opportunity and need, has been one of the most valued parts of what we can offer our partners. This new platform will allow you to seamlessly share opportunities and make direct connections with other partners in a fast and secure environment."

Mark Richarson
Chief Executive Officer
National Biofilms Innovation Center

"Innoget helps us to keep exploring. It's about commitment, about an experimental philosophy, and keep accelerating innovation to keep the firm in a competitive position in the market."

Javier Tenorio
Open Innovation & IP

"Innoget helps us to draw attention to our innovation challenges, attracting external parties to share their innovative solutions."

Peter Navarro
Global Open Innovation Manager

"Innoget services provides us with access to a valuable and mixed network of potential partners. The robust platform, good customer support and reasonable price, makes Innoget a reliable player for anyone working in open innovation."

Manuel Silva
Open Innovation Manager

"Innoget allows my team to engage in a speedy, simple and effective manner with the world's inventors. The interface is simple and does not require a large investment in training or resources upfront."

Patrick Lesueur
Group R&D Director

¨Since partnering with Innoget, our Open Innovation practices are more focused and integral to our global strategy, supported by their personalized and dedicated service.¨

Navid Ardakanian
Global Innovation Manager
SHV Energy

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Our members represent the future of new technology and knowledge

Join a network of 185,000+ innovators, startups, academia and research organizations committed to sustainability and circular economy.
business opportunities
research areas
technology offers
connections provided
experts reached
Author: Al MacDonald Editor: Fritz Lekschas License: CC BY-SA 3.0 ID: ISO 3166-1 or "_[a-zA-Z]" if an ISO code is not available
Region of origin
Africa 2%
Region of origin
America 32%
Region of origin
Asia 22%
Region of origin
Europe 44%
Region of origin
Oceania 22%

Open Innovation Global Alliance (OIGA)

Unleash Synergy, Connect Networks with OIGA: engage in Worldwide Collaboration!
Region of origin
Europe  44%
America 32%
Oceania 22%
Africa 2%
“We are on a mission to democratize the knowledge and access to innovation”
Jordi Rafols

Real Results with Open Innovative Solutions

Get There Faster with Generative AI

We're an Open Innovation company that aims to be one nanosecond behind the latest advancements in technology. In tandem with AI-driven enterprises, Innoget offers keystone consulting featuring Future Market Trends analysis, Technology Valuation, and meticulous Technology Monitoring.
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Use cases

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tGELF seeks to nurture 21st century leadership and...

Type: Educational Foundation
Product: Startup competition
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Nomad Foods

Nomad Foods is Europe's leading frozen foods company,...

Type: Corporate Enterprise
Product: Open Innovation Portal
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Research Luxemburg

Research Luxembourg’s open innovation network is a free-access...

Type: National Research Organization
Product: InnogetCloud
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SHV Energy

SHV Energy is a leading global distributor of...

Type: Corporate Enterprise
Product: Start-up Scouting
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The ELCA online platform is a collaborative space...

Type: Cluster Oganization
Product: InnogetCloud
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National Biofilms Innovation Center

The NBIC Marketplace Portal is a collaborative online...

Type: Innovation Center
Product: InnogetCloud
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